Ages 3-8


Pre-Primary offers an introduction to music and dance. Students are taught to connect imagery with movement and begin to develop coordination, listening skills, and musicality.  Pre-Primary classes introduce basic ballet vocabulary and class etiquette, beginning the nurturing process for a love of dance. Pre-Primary students must be age 3 for Annual Session admittance; there are no exceptions.

First Steps

As part of our Pre-Ballet program, First Steps serves as a bridge between Pre-Primary and Level 1. Most students in this level are between the ages of 6 and 8. First Steps students are introduced to the most fundamental elements of ballet. Some students will skip this level and move straight into Level 1.  Placement and admission into First Steps is at the schools discretion.

Kids Ballet

Ages 9-12

Level 1

Level 1 provides the basis and foundation upon which all future classes are built. The curriculum taught at this level is extremely important and cannot be overemphasized. Students learn correct placement of the body and positions of the arms, legs, and head. In addition, students are encouraged to develop their musicality and artistry during class.

Level 2

Material taught in Level 1 is repeated and developed in Level 2. Tempos and numbers of steps increase. Students add strength and speed to their basic technique. This class begins to concentrate on coordination between the upper and lower body.


Please note that all Ballet students must contact us or call, (813) 227-9600 to enroll.

Dress Code

Please do not purchase a uniform for your child before they have taken their placement class and can be evaluated to be sure they are placed in the correct level. They may wear whatever they have for their first class.